About the Founders


The Australian Pancreatic Centre was founded by two leading pancreatic surgeons – Dr Jaswinder Samra and Dr Anubhav Mittal.
Because pancreatic cancer is a complex field and very difficult to manage clinically, their vision was to assemble a multidisciplinary team of experts who would provide patients with the very best care possible from start to end.
This team has now been assembled and is remarkable for its breadth of knowledge and depth of experience. Every patient is reviewed by the team of senior pancreatic surgeons, radiologists, pathologists and oncologists. In this way, patients receive a broad-based, wholistic evaluation and care plan.
In addition, the Cancer Care Co-ordinator is a patient advocate who helps patients navigate the many specialists and investigations to ensure that their care is comprehensively managed.


Taking a visionary stance, the research team at the Australian Pancreatic Centre are forging a new and more hopeful future for people with pancreatic cancer.
The research is aimed at uncovering new targets that will lead to a paradigm shift in pancreatic cancer treatment. Currently this is aimed at biomarkers for early cancer detection, biomarkers of responsiveness to cancer treatments and intra-operative markers of post-operative outcome.
These avenues of research will lead to direct and significant improvements in post-operative outcomes and patient life expectancy. Their rapid integration into clinical practice is aimed at achieving the best possible outcome for patients.

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